Following the death of his mother in , his father made plans to return to Oklahoma. Webb decided to stay in California to continue his music studies and to pursue a career as a songwriter in Los Angeles. Webb would later recall his father warning him about his musical aspirations, saying, "This songwriting thing is going to break your heart. Webb contributed five songs to their debut album, Up, Up and Away , including the title track " Up, Up and Away ", which was released as a single in May and reached the Top Ten. While his sophisticated melodies and orchestrations were embraced by mainstream audiences, his peers were embracing counterculture sounds.

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Shelves: started-but-didnt-really-like This was an excruciating read. The lyrics he suggests mostly his own as brilliant are cheesy. And writing songs as he suggests note I did not get past the middle of he book would be boring and formulaic. Despite being written in , the only artist I recall that wrote after the 70s was Nirvana. And evidently there are only two female songwriters, Mitchell and King.

There are This was an excruciating read. There are now better books on songwriting especially if you love rock as roll and breaking the "rules". According to this book recent artists like Jason Isbell or Sturgill Simpson would be breaking his rhyming rules, thus stinking up the joint. Also unnecessary, blaming rap for the downfall of songwriting.

After writing an incredibly mediocre song through the first ten chapters, the book ends with or so rambling pages about the nature of the music business and the state of music today. How could I go wrong? In practice, this is was a book I kept finding reasons to avoid coming back to.

Did we really need a visual aid with descriptions of what the axes represent to get across the idea that emotional intensity grows throughout a 2-verse song? Did I need another graph a page or two later illustrating how this exact same thing applies to a 5-verse song?

I should have known when the author ranted about the evils of "false" rhymes and how nobody who uses them will ever amount to anything that he and I would find little common ground. Obviously not a real complaint about the book, just something to be aware of. Very informative but laborious read. An excellent book for the songwriter and musician for the most part.


Tunesmith: The Songs of Jimmy Webb



Jimmy Webb


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