While the appealing settings and locales of this regions makes it a pictorial destination for the visitors, the backwaters across this part of Kerala keeps the visitors engrossed with never-ending fun and frolic. Unlike most of the other popular backwater destinations in Kerala, Kuttanad is brimmed with multiple destinations where visitors can enjoy the silent backwaters and delight in their magical charm. And to experience the best of Kerala backwater tours, visitors can embark on houseboat cruises across these backwater stretches and make their vacation memorable! During this part of the year, the region experience a mixed of atmospheric conditions and offers a pleasant stay. Mild climate, clear views, and ample of activities make these few months the best time to visit the Kuttanad backwaters.

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Things To Do in Kuttanad 1. Cruising Through the Backwaters Kuttanad is most famous for its heavenly backwaters that break and merge into a hundred channels, thus making agriculture and tourism easy. These backwaters, flanked by the greenest patches of agriculture - rice, banana and some more are a paradise for those who prefer serenity over stereotype. The best way to experience the waterways is to hop on a houseboat cruiser and drift through the calmness, taking in all the nature around you.

Many hustlers provide these services all along the Alappuzha district, the most famous route being a full day houseboat trip between Kollam and Alappuzha.

Some of the usual sights along these boat trips are large groups of ducks quacking their way into the streams as they are shepherded by people on small boats; elsewhere the villagers fish with large nets and their traditional cane basket called Ottal while youths take splashing dives into the rivulets to collect lime shells.

The bigger streams can be accessed by houseboats, but for the smaller inlets which lead into the quaintest and idyllic places which you would have otherwise missed. Though these little boats or canoes cover a lesser distance in the specific time, they take you right to the authentic rusticity of Kuttanad and let you witness the lifestyle of the locals from close quarters.

On request, these boats often will take you for village tours, which include witnessing cultivation, boat building, coir making and fishing; along with a traditional Keralite meal.

The local shacks serve a delicious and wholesome meal, and if you have a habit of experiencing unique delicacies, then you can ask for toddy which is a very popular native alcoholic drink. Champakulam and River Pamba Kuttanad, though mainly famous as a tourist attraction for its backwaters, also has some other unconventional spots that the wanderers would love to explore. One of them is Champakulam. It is a small hamlet located in Kuttanad region.

River Pamba is considered to be holy and is given the nickname of Dakshina Ganga, making its significance in Kerala very clear by comparing it to the Holy Ganges.

Written records of it date back to AD, making it one of the oldest Christian churches in India. Other than this, it is a quiet and peaceful place to simply take in nature, converse with the locals and enjoy a riverside walk. Punnamada Lake Punnamada Lake is an eastern extension of Lake Vembanad, which is the second largest lake of India and along the shore of this lake is located a good part of Kuttanad region.

The place is engulfed in nature as the rest of the area and attracts a big number of travellers every year, especially those who love nature and a bit of distance from the maddening crowd in the more popular tourist spots.

It is also known for the Nehru Boat Race which it hosts every year with much festivities. Rice Bowl of Kerala Kuttanad and rice fields are kind of synonymous, given the place is named the rice bowl of Kerala.

The stretches after stretches of green paddy fields are a major attraction for those who appreciate nature. However, these green fields have a unique secret of their own. The lands which are cultivated include large areas reclaimed from the water bodies around and are actually a few feet lower than the sea level.

The average undulation of this region is from 0. The mechanisms are quite similar to that used in the Netherlands. It is the place with the lowest altitude in India and one of the very few places in the world where such extensive agricultural cultivation is done below MSL. The ideal way to see the rice fields is on a boat ride. The city of Kuttanad is said to be the seat of power and administration of one of the kings of that dynasty - Cheran Chenguttavan.

Around the same time, this region also used to be a famous centre of Buddhism, thus getting the name Buddhanad, which later got changed into Kuttanad, according to many.

A mixture of local myth and real facts of history has given birth to many legends about Kuttanad. One of them is that the dense forests of the Kuttanad region were destroyed due to a wildfire. Burnt wooden logs and pieces were unearthed from the paddy fields for a long time until even some years ago.

They might still be found somewhere. For this reason, Kuttanad got the reputation of being the ancient Khandava forest mentioned in the Mahabharata, which the Pandavas visited on their exile and it was burnt down to ashes, as per the story. Another theory is that Kuttanad got its name from the words Kuttan - those who dig soil, as the place was dug out of the water and reclaimed for extensive agriculture.

Best Time To Visit Kuttanad Kerala is extremely hot with typically humid tropical climate during the summer and monsoon months. If you want to avoid that, it is best to visit Kuttanad from October to March when the weather is pleasant.

Tips For Visiting Kuttanad Look after your children more carefully if visiting the place during Onam celebration. How To Reach Kuttanad Kuttanad can be reached from the nearest airport at Cochin 85 km or the railway stations of Alappuzha or Changanacherry hiring a cab.

However, the best way to reach for the experience of it is by boat-way from Alappuzha. The boats of State Water Transport Department travel to and fro, each side taking a time of around an hour, covering the area of Kuttanad on its way up and down as a part of its passenger-cum-tourist service.

To enjoy the beauty of Kuttanad, it is ideal to purchase an upper deck ticket.


Kuttanad Houseboat Packages

Houseboats Rates Kuttanad Houseboats A Kuttanad Houseboats is a large vessel used in the waters of Kuttanad for tourists; ironically, it was not designed and introduced for tourists. As Kerala has a unique landscape with prosperous fresh water body, your endless mercy the almighty! It is so easy to move bulk cargo through water. To manage efficient heavy cargo moving, in olden days, huge water vessels were introduced which float royally and worth fully, through the waters of Kerala; a land fondled by raindrops. Legend: Kettu — Knot, to tie etc …..


Kuttanad Tours, Alappuzha: Address, Phone Number, Kuttanad Tours Reviews: 4.5/5

Houseboats Rates Kuttanad Houseboat Packages We have seen that Alappuzha and its sourrounding villages are blessed with its wide spreading backwater bodies. The major mode of transport was always voyage. So different types of boats can be seen here in Kuttanad backwaters and rivers. These boats ranges from Kuttanad rice brages to duckgrowers wherry. They have been sharing their joy and tears with Kuttanad backwaters for centuries.


Kuttanad Houseboats



Places to Visit in Kuttanad


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