Everyone asks, "What religion does Lalon belong to in this world? Some use Malas Hindu rosaries , others Tasbis Muslim rosaries , and so people say they belong to a different religion. But do you bear the sign of your religion when you come to this world or when you leave this world? They gave Lalon land to live where he founded a musical group and remained to compose and perform his songs, inspired by Shiraj Sain, a musician of that village. Lalon lost the sight of his one eye in smallpox. The news of his death was first published in the newspaper Gram Barta Prokashika , run by Kangal Harinath.

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He is concurrently a religious Baul practitioner, humanist, social reformer and philosopher. He was a songwriter, composer and musician of numerous songs.

Lalon was a humanitarian practitioner. Who removed humanity from all forms of religion, caste, tribe, and gave humanity the highest place. It is from this limited belief that he composed his songs.

His songs and philosophy have influenced many people of the world, including Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul and Ellen Ginsberg, among many renowned poets, literary, philosophers, intellectuals. Although his songs are mainly Baul songs, in interest to the Baul community, these songs have repeated by many musicians throughout the ages. His most notable source is songs composed by himself. The disciples could not say anything forbidden or ignorantly.

Lalon himself never disclosed it. Lalon was born in in Harishpur village of Harynakundu Upazila of Jhenaidah district in the then undivided Bengal now Bangladesh. Some Lalon researchers think Lalon was born in the village of Bharara under the Tapra union of Kumarakhali police station in Kushtia. Many disagreed with this opinion. In an article in the monthly Mohammadi newspaper published in the month of Ashar in , Lallan was mentioned in the village of Phulbari in Jessore district.

According to a news article published in the newspaper Hitakari, Lalon went out of pilgrimage at a young age and was suffering from kidney disease along the way.

Then her companions abandon him as a deceased person and go to their destination. Malam Shah and his wife, Matijan, took him home and healed him. Then Lalon was baptized by him and started living with his wife and disciple at Kuria in Kushtia. Smallpox disease cherish lose an eye. In Chowria, he met and was influenced by philosopher Siraj Sai. Besides, it was reported that Lalon was a samurai. He had little land and houses. Lalan was skilled in riding and used to ride to various locations through old age.

Religious Belief There is considerable disagreement among researchers about the belief in the religion of Lalon, which existed even in his lifetime. Lalon had no formal education.

In his pursuit, he learned about both Hinduism and Islam. Its identity is found in the songs he composed. The article in the diaspora says Lalon had good relations with people of all religions.

Many considered him to be a Muslim because of his contact with Muslims. When Hindus saw him discussing Vaishnavism again, he was considered a Vaishnava. Lalon was a humanist and he did not believe in discrimination of people according to religion, caste, creed, color, gender, etc.

In other sources, his birth is mentioned in the Hindu family. Lalon Shah cult novelist Sunil Ganguly said, Lalan was religious but was not interested in any particular religion. He broke the bonds of all religions and gave humanity the highest place in life.

On the day Hindu Muslims are Buddhists The tribe does not. There are many other religious doctrines, including the Sahajia doctrine of Buddhism and Vaishnavism, and Sufism among the Ohadianiyat.

He was originally a secular and a believer in human religion. Lalon arena Lalon Shah built an arena in Kuria, Kumarakhali Upazila of Kushtia, where he taught his disciples the principles and spiritual teachings. He used to hold a Bhandara in the arena every winter.

Where thousands of disciples and people of the community gathered, there was music and discussion. In many places in Chittagong, Rangpur, Jessore, and far west, many people were disciples of Lalon Fakir; It is heard that the number of his disciples was about ten thousand.

His residence was in the zamindari of the Thakur family in the Brahimpur pargana and he was the subject of the Thakur-zamindars. When Lathiyal sent to punish him, Lalon armed with his disciples confronted the zamindar lathiyals and the lethal forces fled. Since then, Lalon has protected Karnal Harinath in various ways. Although many claim that the original appearance of Lalon not revealed in this sketch.

About a month before his death he suffered from stomach problems and glandular problems. He never ate anything except milk when he was ill. At that time he wanted to eat fish. There was no religious practice of Hindu or Muslim after his death because of his directive or desire.

According to his advice, his tomb erected in a house in his arena at Chowriya. Even today, bowlers from all over Bangladesh meet at Cheuriya in October to pay their respects to Lalon. The author of the composition is Raichen. Share this:.


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Died: October 17, Buried: Cheuriya, Kushtia, Bangladesh Lalon Shah was famous Baul saint, singer, songwriter and thinker who possessing a versatile talented. He was singer, composer and lyricist of numerous famous songs. Lalon is regarded as one of the pioneers of Baul song as well as he was a social reformer, humanist and philosopher. He was away from religion, cast and racial discrimination and positioned the humanity in the highest position. Lalon was humanist, wrote song being encouraged from this perception of secularism. No details are found about the life Lalon even he did not say anything about himself through writings but addressed himself as Lalon Fakir amid his some songs. It is a matter of debate, where Lalon was born?


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