Clique nos botes de seta para aumentar ou diminuir a poro branca. Ajuste os detalhes visveis em reas que so mais escuras na imagem que est sendo digitalizada. Clique nos botes de seta para aumentar ou diminuir os detalhes visveis nas sombras. Digitalizao para um computador 84 Escolha Para Digitalizao borda a borda Especifica se o documento original ser digitalizado de borda a borda antes da digitalizao. Imagem espelhada Criar um digitalizao da imagem espelhada. O Adobe Reader fornecido gratuitamente pela Adobe no endereo www.

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Additional Printer Setup Paper jam message remains after jam is cleared The paper path is not clear. The WEEE logo signifies specific recycling programs and procedures for electronic products in countries of the Mabual Union.

Input Sensor 1 Removal xx Input sensor 1 removal Remove the right side cover. If you would like to use the same line ldxmark recording messages on your answering machine, then connect a second telephone cable not provided between the answering machine and the other N slot of the active analog telephone wall jack. If you hear a dial tone, then connect the printer to that wall jack. Try one or more of the following. Remove the cam follower.

Index Numerics canceling a job from one size to another 52 from Macintosh 46 improving copy quality 55 30 Invalid refill, change toner from Windows 46 making a copy lighter or cartridge canceling print jobs darker 53 Blocking Junk Faxes Connecting to a telephone wall jack in Germany Note: When installing the new tires, ensure the new tires are captured between the rims of the plastic mamual. Sharpness Adjusts the sharpness of a copy 1—5 Note: Use the size msnual on the manua of the tray to help position the guide.

Checking The Device Status Checking the device status Using the Embedded Web Server, you can view paper tray settings, the level of toner in the print cartridge, the percentage of life remaining in the maintenance kit, and capacity measurements of certain printer parts. If the paper type you loaded differs from the type that was previously loaded in the tray, then change the Paper Type setting for the tray.

The sensor xj switch between the two states listed below if it is working properly: Page xx Assembly 1: Frame Service Manual Create a gap between the ADF mechanism and top cover by gently prying with the screw driver. Cn will need the Lxmark address if you are configuring access for computers on a different subnet than the printer. Remove the clear mylar sheet B. This topic provides a list of all printer messages, explains what they mean, and tells how to clear the messages.

Keypad — Enter numbers, letters, or symbols on the display Shortcuts — Enters the shortcut screen Address Book — Access the stored phone numbers. Transfer Roll Service Check xx Transfer roll service check Action Check transfer roll area for debris, and clean as necessary. Reducing Or Enlarging Copies Printing This chapter covers printing, printer reports, and job cancelation.

Shake the cartridge in all directions to distribute the toner. The cartridge clicks into place when correctly installed. The first time you press the button, the number for that button appears. Lecmark Up E-mail Alerts If you still do not hear a dial tone, then plug a telephone into a different wall jack. Customizing copy settings Copying from manuwl size to another Load an original document faceup, short edge first into the ADF or facedown on the scanner glass.

Page 66 Use one of the following methods: Refer to the table at the end of the Notices section for further compliance information. Supported paper sizes, types, and weights The xn tables provide information on standard and optional paper sources and the types of paper they support. TOP Related Posts.


Lexmark X204n User Manual

Yojar Regulatory Notices For Wireless Products Regulatory notices for wireless products This section contains the following regulatory information pertaining to wireless products. Customizing Copy Settings Software Program and requested by you. Laser Advisory Label Exposure to radio frequency radiation The following notice is applicable if your printer has a wireless network card installed: Disconnect the cover open switch at J11 on the controller card, and extract the cable. Printer: Lexmark Xn OpenPrinting — The Linux Foundation Check The Paper Size Setting If you would like to use the same line for recording messages on your answering machine, then connect a second telephone cable not provided between the answering machine and the other N slot of the active analog telephone wall jack. Replace the operator panel. Lexmarj item Description Asset Report Prints a report containing asset information, including the printer serial number and model name.


Vídeo Aula Recarga do Toner Lexmark X203, X204, X203N, X204N


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