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Nilambarei is a film that transcends popular Bollywood movies in many aspects and would certainly be a commercial success without compromising artistic tastes. The director Kelum Palitha Maheerathne has not forgotten to touch on the themes of abject poverty, the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, and the market forces which determine human relations including intimate feelings of love and marriage, which changes the bond between a father and a daughter.

Here, what is important to the father is not the happiness of his daughter who loves a penniless boy from a village, but to protect and sustain the vast commercial establishment whose ownership could only be retained with extended family, by giving his daughter in marriage to her cousin who is depicted as a rake enjoying many partners. As per the invitation, the film is based on the popular novel Nilambarei by Sujeeva Prasanna Arachchi.

It is rather an awkward experience to sit in a cinema for hours, particularly, alone, watching a film, but in this case. Nilambarei did marvels. For I did not feel time take to its wings, not looking at the "blue sky" near English translation of the word Nilambarei but watching the film, which is aesthetic, glamorous and perhaps surpasses Bollywood movies in many aspects. The story starts with a young energetic boy, Nirwan Ranjan Ramanayaka who works in a commercial establishment that exports ornamental flowers, agreeing to manage a flower garden recently bought by the company in Haguranketa.

At first, the beautiful and playful daughter, apparently, shows no interest in the innocent village lad Nirwan, who is depicted as shy and inexperienced, dreaming of a fairy-tale love affair with the young girl. However, the owner Raveendra Randeniya wants to keep the vast commercial establishment with his extended family, and arranges his daughter to be married to a cousin who is eyeing the property and enjoying a playboy lifestyle.

On a visit to the garden, Sudesh Kanchana Kodituwakku discovers Nirwan as the new Manager of the garden, and asks him to wash his jeep. It is obvious that Sudesh intends to ridicule Nirwan in the face of Samadhi, but the girl who by the time, develops a boundless love with Nirwan, stops him and asks him to wash her feet. Disheartened and furious by the refusal of love by Samadhi, Sudesh rushes to Colombo, having attacked Nirwan with a vase.

Subsequently, the equally furious owner rushes to his estate in Haguranketa and blames his wife for not keeping an eye on his daughter, and lashes Nirwan as a person who has bitten the hand that fed him. Nirwan bids to leave the owner, his wife and his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the story shifts to another plane, revealing the true character of Sudesh who is having an affair with a girl Anarkalee Akarsha who wants to marry him.

But Sudesh wants to keep her as his concubine, and the girl opposes. With a group of thugs, Sudesh abducts Nirwan who has been recuperating from his wounds at home, on the pretext of being taken to his girlfriend, and attacks him. However, his brother Sanath Gunatilaka rescues Nirwan at the nick of time. In a twist of fate, Sudesh is killed by his estranged girl friend who subsequently takes her life, thus paving the way for a trouble-free marriage for Nirwan. As in most romances, the story ends on a happy note.

The script-writer Sarath Gunaratne has not forgotten to add an element of mystery to the story. The film is based on a popular novel Nilambarei by Sujeeva Prasanna Arachchi and Upul Jayasinghe produced the film on behalf of Nilwala Films International, as its maiden work. It is also the maiden effort of Director Kelum Palitha Maheerathna.

Nawarathna Gamage, who directed the music for the film, was able to provide the kind of music demanded by the film. Sri Lankan filmgoers will able to watch a breathtaking panoramic view of the hill country from the first Tea Estate, the Lulkanda Estate of James Tailor. All in all, it gives a refreshing cinematic experience, and tends to change your perception of love and what happens when love becomes closer and closer to your heart and the transformation it could bring about in your life.


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