Verwijs rejected the manuscript, but in Jan Gerhardus Ottema — , a prominent member of the Frisian Society for History and Culture, published a Dutch translation. Ottema believed it to be written in authentic Old Frisian. Within the first few years after the appearance of the Oera Linda Book, its recent origin was established not only based on the exceptional claims being made, but also because of a number of anachronisms it contained. The text was nevertheless a source of inspiration for a number of occultists and speculative historians. Alfred Rosenberg and his circle rejected it.

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Shelves: dutch , challenge Frisian family chronicle telling the story of the creation of the world and how the Frisians shaped it. What is never mentioned about the book is the theories that the Finns are Magyars, in the book led by the king Magy. Frisian family chronicle telling the story of the creation of the world and how the Frisians shaped it.

What this book details in regards to priests and princes methods for control over a society and its peoples and those they have not controlled are exactly how our governments and priests behave today.

Reading this book was like reading the past, present and future. It does not matter if this book is real or fake it really doesnt. It is the messages the writers I picked up this book after being recommended to by a good friend. It is the messages the writers are putting across that are important. At some point 2 civilisations were at heads with one another, the just and noble one lost. Under the same tactics most countries lose their freedom to in todays world.

Please ignore wiki entry for this. I disagree with some of the methods and statements that were said. For example the paper was disputed. With something so old you would naturally add it to new better paper as time went on to maintain the book itself.

Just was we update our techologies on to new ones. Paper - Digital hard drives etc Ek het reeds by Montagu se boekwinkel vir my een gekoop, so ek weet nie of die pak nog daar is nie. Noudat die waarheid in twyfel getrek word, nou word dit sommer summier verwerp en weggesmyt. Dit is onnodig. Die vertaling sou ek nie beter of nader aan Afrikaans kon bring nie: ek het juis die Nederlandse vertaling met Adriaan Snyman se werk vergelyk.

Verder verklaar dit ook hoekom die Dene en Friese eintlik vandag nog daarop ingesteld is teen flambojante rykdom en blinkgoed: dit het immers hul ondergang bewerkstellig!



Adelborst over de Linden, III. Apollonia over de Linden, IV. Frederik over de Linden, V. Wiljo over de Linden, VI. Koenraad over de Linden, VII. Beden over de Linden, IX.


The Oera Linda Book: A Neo-Pagan Fantasy Novel



The Oera Linda Book


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