Gutaur Yama tanna puradi saridanu. Uma Kathyayani gowri dhakshayaani. We missyou a long time. Saranu vaayu thanuja saranu bhaskara deva. Thanks in advance Ajay. Idu enesoda dadhiya damodara.

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Zologis Sri narasimha devara suladi. In this verse the greatness of the gloss on Nyaaya deepika a commentary on the teeka of the geetha taatparya of Srimadaacharyaru by Sri Teekakridpaadaru is brought to limelight by Sri Vadindraru. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Congrats, Keep it up. The work done by you is incredible. Ambiga na ninna nambide. Please — idara kannada version iddareh post maadi. Last edited by ksrimech on 04 Mar It is considered to be a pioneering work of its kind. Taratamya- Purandara dasara kriti. I am trying to find Asta Lakshmi Stotra lyrics starts like this Mangala roopini mangala dayini sarva purxndaradasa baaramma.

Posted by Lekshmy Puranik on September 18, at 5: Can you please publish the famous aarthi song Srinatha Govinda anandha mooruthige……. I need english version of Ragvendra Stotra. Could you please reload that lyrics. For purandarasasa about 58 Kerala temples: Hi Meera, This is a great website and especially I appreciate it because the lyrics are also in Kannada.

Posted by Charumathi Raghavendran on November 12, at It was indeed a miracle. However, it is in Kannada. Lyrics Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu I made a blog just for this ashtakam, please check it out. I really love that song and looking for it. Vyasarayara seve lesagi madalu. There is a trust to preserve his name in Bangalorewho have not been able to this job. Krushna murari kesava murari. Since the upameyam does also the work of upamanam it is a case of Ubhaya saadaarana dharma. It is a very small service done to u from my side.

Purandara Dasa Posted by veenasreenivas on May 28, at This would help all the visitors to easily search for any lyrics they want and click on the link. I do not know to read kannada scripts. Thank you, Regards, Mrs. Would you be able to upload swamy mukhyaprana composition of sri purandara dasaru…. Raama raama raama seetaa raamaa enniro. It has all the important songs and lyrics.

IS this available in Kannada. The main problem is I do not know whether it is from a movie or from devotional music cassette and I do not remember whether it starts lyrivs a shloka.

Allide nammane illi bande. Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu You will find details about Hindu Festivals, Slokas, Prayers, Vegetarian cooking and much more useful information. Index — Dasara padagalu Lyrics Bandu nillo kanna munde. Veni madhavana torise jane triveni. Could you please send me the lyrics of dasanagu to my e-mail? Or purandafadasa can send it to my mail box: Venunatha baaro venkata ramanane baaro baanana banghisi thantha bhavajayyane baaro venunatha.

Lyrics for Purandara Dasa song on Lakshmi and Parvati. Please note that the following link contains the Sanskrit Script of Rayara Stothra and its meaning in English, which i found in the link below.

I have the song listed under both purandarxdasa. Thank u for posting such wonderful songs of Sri Purandara Dasara. Related Articles


Index – Dasara padagalu Lyrics

Lyrics are also available in this page. Note: Lyrics from various sources including Shri Lakshman Ragde musicalnirvana. Some have been compiled from renditions. Meanings - there is much room for improvement.


Purandara Dasa



Purandaradasa - Songs Lyrics & Videos


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