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Helfrich, Paul. NewWorldView website, Seth: the Ultimate Guide. Lacasse, Pierre. Collection des entretiens du mage et de Seth. Editions du Mage, Laval Quebec , Fascicule 1: De Jane Roberts aux entretiens du Mage. Fascicule 2: Le Rencontre du Mage et de Seth. Rosenbluh, Edward S. Also on audiotape. Watkins, Susan M. Conversations with Seth 2 volumes. Prentice-Hall, , Volume 1 also in audiobook format. Een Seth-boek. Ankh-Hermes, Deventer, , , Anneke Thole-Velthuyse, translator. Books on Channeling Brown, Michael F.

Chapter 7, Jane Roberts and Seth, p. Tarcher Inc. Los Angeles , A description of the Seth phenomenon is on pp. A chapter on Jane is on pp. Cites the three Oversoul Seven books as exemplars of the Oversoul concept on pp. Campbell, Eileen, and J. Tuttle Company Inc. Boston , Consciously Creating Change Workshop Handbook. SNI, n. Friedman, Norman. Living Lake Books, Also in audiobook format. In Chinese: Xin ling yu ke xue de qiao.

Fang zhi du ban she qu fen you xian gong si, Taipei, Zhou Mingchen, Xu Shiliang, translators. The Woodbridge Group, Mentions on p. Kovelman, Joyce A. Lists an experiment by Peter Stewart, Michael Brown, and Helen Stewart in to test a telepathic procedure suggested by Seth and recounted by Jane Roberts in her best-selling books on pp. McAneny, Daniel Thomas. Dan McAneny Associates, Virginia Beach, VA , Includes an interview with Jane. Kendall Enterprises, Moment Point, Portsmouth, NH, , pp.

Periodicals Black Sheep: September to date. Los Angeles, CA. Madelon Rose Logue, editor. Choices, July — Ottawa, ON. Coordinate Point: v. Inner Quest. Chicago, IL, Bruce Felts, editor. Multidimensionale Wirklichkeit. Zurich, Switzerland, Ruedi and Elisabeth Anner, editors.

Editor: Mary Rouen. Power Point. Sydney, Australia. Reality Change: v. Monthly, June, September, ; roughly quarterly thereafter. Sumari Sights: Newsletter for the Greater D. Seth Society. Editor: Jane Reed. Poett interviewed Jane and Rob, was given a private Seth session, and did fairly extensive background research. A letter from Tam Mossman about these articles appeared in the Nov 13, issue, p.

True Psychic Inquirer magazine , A response to this letter from Elisabeth M. Another letter in response from Druscilla Malone was printed in issue Aug , pp. Announces picket of Prentice-Hall offices. Rant claiming that Seth is infallible, Satan-inspired, and at war against humankind.

See II. Volumes From This Rich Bed. Excerpts published in Reality Change, Third Quarter, , pp. The Little Artificial Christmas Tree. The Sinful Self. Through My Eyes. Alleged Post Communications from Seth and Jane These works are listed for the sake of completeness, but readers should be aware that none of this material has been endorsed by Robert Butts, and they should use caution when evaluating it.

Seth McAuliffe, John and Dotti. UniSun, McAuliffe, John and Dotti. Timelessness: A New Seth Book. Jane Marecek, Mary. A View from the Other Side. Light Technology Publications, Channeled material allegedly from Jane Roberts. Miller, Susanne B. I am amused when during these times they think they are communicating only with Seth. Used with permission.


Sethovy promluvy - Jane Roberts



Jane Roberts: Sethovy promluvy



Jane Roberts


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