This leads to high MTBF values and a long life. The compact and lightweight transceivers offer high performance, making them suitable for operation in all types of aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles. Different waveforms are available, which can be installed at any time to provide interoperability in a variety of operational scenarios. The outstanding MTBF values ensure low maintenance effort and high availability. The receiver features excellent sensitivity, high crossmodulation immunity, selectivity and suppression of strong interference signals.

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The whole transceiver system was integrated in one device and the maximal power was increased up to W in KF connection range and 50W in UKF connection range. The adapter construction allows fast mounting of the transceiver on vehicles, as well as intuitional handling. Additionally the device increases its communication reliability in conditions of strong collocations through applying additional narrowband filtering systems.

The multipath interferences are suppressed by the channel equaliser. The waveform, data transmission rates and all other modem functions are accessible from the front panel keyboard and LCD display as well as via the remote control interface. The PSK modem has interfaces ensuring its compatibility with HF transceivers, cryptographic equipment and remote control terminals.

LINK 11B , allowing the creation of a uniform tactical data exchange system. The data conversion is carried out by means of the adequate clients attached to the mail are two implemented clients as part of the CFTP and HMTP standards.

IP frames or chat clients communicator. The applications operates as a maintenance free station being a gate for other computer or can be installed directly on the operators station connected to transmission devices. The RDC WMS can control the radio modem also a built-in in the transceiver modem for speeding up the transmission with neighbour nodes.

Moreover the software can control the transceiver if it works in ALE2G mode it selects the best available frequency then. The 3. Data sending and receiving can be performed with standard e-mail clients and FTP. The IP protocol can also be used for working purposes. The RKP radio is a modern manpack transceiver that provides reliable tactical communication.

It offers solutions to all kinds of tactical communication and uniform and reduced logistics services. The manpack transceiver can be also used as an exciter for the RKS transceiver family. The universal RKP transceiver can be used as an element of a mobile communications system mounted on vehicles and caterpillar vehicles.

High performance and reliability of operations is guaranteed by a robust design and construction of the transceiver. The multipurpose RKS transceiver is the basic element of stationary and mobile mounted on board of vehicles and caterpillar vehicles radio communication systems. B standards. The RKL transmission module ensures reliable communication at a tactical level digital data transmission. It can be used as an element of mobile radio communication systems mounted on aircraft, vehicles and caterpillar vehicles.

When used as a receiver it improves the selectivity of the receiver. The SPA controller ensures compatibility and interoperability of cooperating transceivers in range of high frequency communication. All transferred data can be encoded with AES algorithm.


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Ukrainian The ability to work together is more important than ever for the Alliance. States need to share a common set of standards, especially among military forces, to carry out multinational operations. Highlights To work together effectively and efficiently, NATO forces as well as partner forces need to share common set of standards. Interoperability The ability to act together coherently, effectively and efficiently to achieve Allied tactical, operational and strategic objectives. Standardization NATO standardization is the development and implementation of concepts, doctrines and procedures to achieve and maintain the required levels of compatibility, interchangeability or commonality needed to achieve interoperability. Standardization affects the operational, procedural, material and administrative fields.



The set consists of radiostation, vehicular adapter, power amplifier and active speaker. Radiostation can be easily installed in vehicles using adapter, by which radiostation is supplied from board network 12V or 24V. Using these two elements it is possible to create high power vehicular set enabling communication on extended territory. It enables realization of all radiostation functions with simultaneous team or platoon range increasing.




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