Click on the images to enlarge. Fingering charts for exercises in all 12 keys. Over 50 pages like the one above, from very simple to very complex. His clear and systematic approach to alternate fingerings opens up numerous possibilities for jazz and world music musicians as well as students of Indian music. I have found this book to be a significant complement to the traditional approach to the bansuri, and it is my pleasure to recommend it. Technical writing is not an easy thing to do, and his style is both articulate and accessible, and the material is totally comprehensive.

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With solid roots in both East and West, his music is at the same time experimental and grounded in traditional training. The result is a sound that conveys the essence of the mystical traditions of India yet is accessible to modern ears.

By embracing the concept of hybridization, Joshua Geisler has innovated both the playing technique and construction of his instrument. His book, The Chromatic Bansuri , details a unique fingering system of his own creation that enables the bansuri to play virtually any style of music. As a flute maker, he has improved the tone, volume, and response of the bansuri by studying traditional flute-making techniques from around the world as well as the science of flute acoustics.

Tour dates are listed here. While studying guitar at Berklee College of Music, he developed an interest in the music of other cultures. At the same time, he was beginning to explore meditation and spirituality.

As a way of incorporating these interests, he began learning the bansuri. This was followed by multiple trips to India to study with Pandit Raghunath Seth, one of the living legends of Indian flute playing.

In recent years, he has been learning with Varanasi-based Sarod maestro Pandit Vikash Maharaj, a 14th-generation master musician. An unusually versatile musician, Joshua has worked with many great artists in various genres.


The Chromatic Bansuri

The result is Bansara. The music ranges from chilled atmospheres and meditative Bansuri playing to downtempo world-fusion dance grooves. A strong undercurrent in the music is a love for the natural world and its diverse sonic offerings. Many percussion sounds began life as sticks, stones, birds, waterfalls, geysers, etc. This music is heavily inspired by nature and indigenous cultures from around the world. Acoustic Mandala Project explores lush raga-based harmonies tuned in just intonation. The music was designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing sonic space for your lifestyle.


Bansuri Lessons



About Joshua Geisler


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