From purely a cost management point of view, that builds a strong case for using RISO in any office. And as the business grows and the printer becomes even busier, our savings will also increase. This new technology has allowed us to further improve our internal production effi ciencies, and enhance colour output and fi nal image quality for our customers. This helps keep down the overall energy consumption, even when printing at maximum speed.

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What would optimize your print job operations? Lower costs? Faster speed? Higher image quality? RISO EZ series digital duplicators offer lower running costs and higher printing speed to achieve greater expense reduction and productivity than photocopiers and printers can provide. They can process large-batch printing to maximize efficiency in many ways, delivering everything from fixed-form documents to envelopes, cards, leaflets, educational materials and more.

Overall operating costs for photocopiers and printers can be surprisingly higher than you imagine. By scanning the paper original or sending data from a PC for master-making, realizing greater cost efficiency than photocopiers, other printers or outside print shop services can provide.

More savings! Allows special-paper printing in-house The EZ can handle special papers including thick paper, thin paper, envelopes and cards, so you can print more in-house and reduce outsourcing. Use less costly paper to cut costs even further. Saves paper, too To reduce paper costs, the machine can print multiple originals onto one sheet of paper.

No worries - anyone can operate the machine as if it was an ordinary copy machine. Output setting is simple. Set the original and press the start key to make a master. Input the number of prints desired and press the start key again to start printing.

More ease of operation! Convenient master disposal The Master Disposal Box is compact and upright, so disposing of used masters stored in it is as simple as pushing a lever. Easy replacement of consumables An LED blinks to indicate that ink or masters are running low. Replacing ink bottles is as easy as a single click after opening the front door. Masters are easy to change, too. Color Universal Design With operational color design authorized by Color Universal Design Organization, operation parts are arranged for easy identification and with consideration for people with color vision deficiency.

Suddenly need a large volume of prints? The EZ can print at a maximum of pages per minute. More productive! Program output for easy group sorting Besides speedy printing, the EZ is capable of quickly sorting output documents by group. Use Program A to output different quantities of prints per group, or Program B to output different quantities per page of multiple-page originals. Also, an optional Job Separator raises sorting efficiency by inserting tape to mark the end of a job.

Paper output mechanism neatly stacks papers at high speed Thanks to the paper output mechanism, papers are output at high speed and neatly stacked on the V-shaped paper receiving tray.

The receiving tray paper guides are designed so that they can be tilted outward for easy paper removal. The EZ does a beautiful job of printing high-quality text and images for a range of work - fixed-form documents, envelopes, leaflets, teaching materials and more. More beautiful! Clearly reproduces penciled text and stamp marks Press the pencil key for clearer output of text and lines faintly drawn by pencil as well as stamp marks.

Optional color drum for adding color Spot color can help documents stand out. It accommodates a wide variety of inks in 21 standard colors, 50 custom colors, plus special order-made colors that can give corporate logos an extra-special look. The one-million-output and other durability tests make the machine supremely reliable. With such high performance made for posterity, the EZ is an exemplary long-term performer. More safety! The ink it uses is made of eco-friendly soy oil.

Full security The EZ features security functions that can limit user access or secure original data in order to protect against information leakage. After printing, the master remains on the drum so that it can be printed at any time. Turn on Confidential mode, and the master on the drum is disposed of to safeguard against undesired printing of confidential documents.


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