The material I am presenting here provides a different perspective to those which have already been presented in the earlier writings. It is believed that Sri Hayagriva stotram was the first of the many stotra-s that were composed by Sri Desika. Sri Desika had worshipped Lord Hayagriva as part of his nitya aradhana daily worship. Please shower me with Your white radiant rays which are like nectar, and dwell in my mind always. So there is no fault in this work.

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He prostrated before Swamy Desikan and explained his predicament in not being successful in gaining the hand of a suitable bride because of his poverty. Swami Desikan felt that the above prayer by the Bramhachari should not go unfulfilled.

The rest is history. At the conclusion of the recitation of this new sthuthi for Sri Devi rich in VedAnthic meanings and deep devotion for the anugrahamayee, a rain of gold coins poured in front of Swamy Desikan. The Brahmachaari collected the coins, offered his vandhanams to Swamy Desikan and PerumdEvi ThaayAr and found a suitable bride to enter grahasthaasramam. The parama vairAgyasaali, Swamy Desikan went home and continued with his dinacharyaa.

She is the Mistress of the widely spread and limitless Iswaryam wealth. She is the embodiment of all MangaLams. She is the Vara Lakshmi boon-granting Lakshmi for all, who are eager to gain Her anugraham both in this and the other world.

Sriyam ThvAm PrapadhyE: 7. It is infinite. It is not like a lamp, whose lustre is hidden by a lampshade. It is like a JyOthi on top of a hill and is recognized and saluted from everywhere and by every one of Her bhakthAs. They become auspicious and desirable because of Her conferral of auspiciousness on them. Their acquiring the status as MangaLa vasthus is solely due to Her vaibhavam.

Madhu vijayan is Lord HayagrIvan, who won over and destroyed the asuran by the name Madhu. She illumines that chest region and all around with Her Svayam prakAsam and adorns it. Some of Her Prajais Her children pray for different kinds of wealth of this world prathykasha mahima : Children, dhAnyam, dhanam, cattle, house et al to enjoy here.

There are a select few, who discard the worldly wealth and seek from You the Superior phalans of the other world Svargam et al topped by the Parama 4. You are Vara Lakshmi. You grant from transient worldly wealth to imperishable Saasvatham Moksham apunar-janmam and nithya kaimkaryam in Your Sri Vaikuntam. Such is Your glory and that is why adiyEn performs this Prapatthi to You. Dhvaya Manthram has 25 aksharams and its deep meanings are commented on by Paadhma Samhithai.

Swamy Desikan structured Sri Sthuthi with 25 slOkams in rememberance of those 25 aksharams. The pramANams to remember in the context of ananya SaraNan, ananya gathi are found in many sthOthrams. It is impossible therefore to assess the greatness of Your vast wealth; when it is so, how can men of limited intellect attempt to praise Your glories adequately. It is ofcourse impossible. BhrUma: kaTam ThvAm vayam? PurushOtthaman is Your Consort.

The king of serpents is Your bed. Garudan, whose body is constituted by all the Vedams is Your transport and throne. Prakruthy, which bewitches the world is serving as a screen for You. How can we attempt to describe adequately Your limitless glories? Swamy Desikan implies that Her glories are beyond our power to ulogize. I engage in praising You.

Is it proper for me to evaluate Your vaibhavams? How lofty is Your place of birth How lofty is Your chosen places of residence? How immense is the magnitude of Your wealth? How great are Your auspicious GuNams? How can adiyEn think of coming to terms with them all and venture to sing in praise of Your unlimited Vaibhavam? In both these manifestations, You were self-manifest and did not have to endure garbha Vaasam like Your husband in Raama-KrishNa avathArams.

One place of Your residence, the Lotus pond, is known for its natural fragrance and purity. The other place of residence of Yours is the sacred chest of Your Lord.

There is no one who can claim to have those lofty sTAnams places of residence. Each of these many guNams is difficult to comprehend and describe. Thus in every aspect, Your matchless glories defy eulogizing. How can adiyEn oflimited intellect attempt to praise adequately Your Vaibhavam rooted in Your anavadhi guNams limitless auspicious attributes? SthOka means little or small. It is customary for poets to acknowledge their disqualifications when they engage in sthuthis about BhagavAn and His Devi, MahA Lakshmi.

Sri Devi is the aasrayam abode for this abundance vaipulyam. When the sentient beings dEhina: praise You with bhakthi, the whole world celebrates them for that good deed. It is indeed Yourself, who grants them the glory of being recognized by others for their good intention and execution of the deed of praising You. AdiyEn is eager to eulogize You of such stupendous glories. There is no surprise here. Who indeed will not gain all mangaLams, when he or she holds on to Your sacred feet and eulogize you.

Therefore, adiyEn is also going to be blessed by You. Additional Observations on the Third slOkam: There are three threads of thought here. Oh SrI Devi! As the people praise You with steadfastnees and Bhakthi, You bless them in turn to be recognized by others and also be praised by the latter. You elevate those who eulogize You and make them become objects of praise by others. Those who eulogize You gain an exalted status as a result of Your anugraham.

Why so? May adiyEn as a result of such efforts to eulogize You become bhavEyam worthy of praise by the entire world sakala bhuvana slAganeeyam. Swamy Desikan gives another reason why such boon will come his way in the concluding section of this slOkam. He asks there a rhetoric question, which has the built-in answer. Oh KalyANa Dhaayini! Oh Svasthi dakshiNA! Oh Sarva ManthrAthmikE! What happened thereafter?

What was the next event on this joyous occasion? The guardian elephants from the eight directions continued with the next step.

The aarambham beginning was from the clouds and the continuation kluptham was by the Elephants. They held on their trunks golden vessels full of the sacred During that ancient time when Your Lord churned the Milky Ocean to bring out the nectar for the DevAs, You arose from the flood of nectar and sat opposite Your Lord on the auspicious throne of a Lotus flower.

The great clouds showered on You their downpour of flowers that made the world almost disappear. The activities of the clouds were followed by the elephants of the eight quarters that performed the sacred bath ceremony for Her as the Patta Mahishi for Your Lord with the waters held in golden vessels. The crowning ceremony as Sarva LOkEswari was started by the PushkalA-vartakam clouds and concluded by the ashta dhig gajams to the accompaniment of the Veda Manthrams by the Maharishis assembled to enjoy the MahOthsavam.

After the Thirumanjanam, Samudhra Raajan presented his daughter with silken garments laced with gold. VaruNan presented Her with Vyjayanthi garland. ViswakarmA presented Her with many specially made AabharaNams. You are the sister of Nectar who appeared along with the Nectar from the Milky Ocean! Indhran offended Sage DhurvAsa at one time. The enraged sage cursed Indhran and all his subjects to loose their Iswaryam. The asurAs gained the wealth of Indhran and the DevAs.

Indhran shrank in power and was soundly defeated by the asuras. EmperumAn commanded the dEvAs to churn the Milky ocean with the AsurAs and offered to help in gaining nectar from that ocean to give immortality to the DEvAs, freedom from fear from the asurAs and regain their lost wealth. With Her auspicious glances, She nullified the curse of DhurvAsa and restored the Iswaryams that Indhra had lost before.

DevAs are enjoying their wealth and bhOgams even today thanks to the power of those auspicious glances of Sri DEvi. Oh Amrutha SahOdhari! They resorted to You to for the removal of the curse of Sage DhurvAsaa that led to the loss of their wealth and positions. Your benevolent glances have blessed them with the restoration of rulership over the three universes and enjoyment of eternal wealth.

MahA Devi! They become auspicous because of His MangaLa Svaroopam. Oh Mother MahA Lakshmi! You stay on the chest of this tEjOmaya Moorthy without ever leaving that place of residence of Yours. Not for a fraction of a second do you stay away from that cherished home of Yours. You confer on Him the name of SrinivAsan through Your residence.

He welcomes the contact of the red dye adorning Your sacred feet as His defining mark. That red dye enhances His natural beauty further. As a defining sign lakshaNam , that red dye associated with Your Thiruvadi becomes the reason for all of His unique vaibhavam.


Sri Desika Stotras with Meaning

This was done because the Lord was immensely pleased when Desika debated with differing scholars, and established the supremacy of the path of loving surrender or prapatti-marga. Sri Vaishnavas believe that Garuda appeared before Desika and awarded him a sacred mantra in praise of Lord Hayagriva, who is the abode of all knowledge. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Hayagriva appeared before Desika, and blessed him with the nectar flowing from his mouth. In the year , Srirangam city was invaded by Malik Kafur, the General of Allauddin Khilji, who wanted to loot the temple and destroy its Deities.

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Vedanta Desika's Hayagriva Stotram




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