About this title Develop ten essential management skills. With an emphasis on self assessments, Developing Management Skills gets readers involved in the learning experience, helping them connect the theories to their own lives. Further, this text focuses on developing the ten essential skills needed for success and gives readers tangible goals to work towards. Based on suggestions from reviewers, instructors, and students, a number of changes—including new skill-assessments and cases, and updated research—have been incorporated in the eighth edition. From the Back Cover: With an emphasis on self assessments,Developing Management Skillsgets readers involved in the learning experience, helping them connect the theories to their own lives.

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Next skip C Incorrect. The least experienced and least knowledgeable and therefore potentially most creative group is the customer. The customer can provide the sharp-pointed prods which spur creative thought and problem solving.

D Correct. The customer can provide the sharppointed prods that spur creative thought and problem solving. Difficulty: 2 Learning Objective 3.

The sponsor provides resources to develop the idea. The one who brings together cross-functional groups and political support is the orchestrator or facilitator. B Incorrect. The idea champion generates creative problem solutions. C Incorrect. The rule breaker goes beyond organizational boundaries to ensure success of the creative solution.

The orchestrator or facilitator is necessary to facilitate implementation of the creative solutions.

He or she accomplishes this by bringing together cross-functional groups and garnering the necessary political support. E Incorrect. Maverick is not one of the roles for enabling creativity discussed in the text. Difficulty: 1 Learning Objective 3. Then provide a problem-solving example that follows each key step. Answer: 1 Define the problem Involves diagnosing a situation so the focus is on the real problem, not just its symptoms.



Answer: TRUE Explanation: This is in contrast to the push strategy, in which managers induce employees to respond in desirable ways through incentives and influence techniques. Diff: 2 Page Ref: Topic: Empowering and Delegating Skill: Recall 2 Empowering others is neither easy nor natural for managers and does not require a great amount of self-sacrifice. Indeed, managers can actually multiply their own effectiveness through empowerment. Though empowerment requires that managers relinquish some degree of control and personal power, it can result in greater returns both for the individual manager and the organization.

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