Here is an extract from the collection of Subhashitams under the heading Neethi Shastra from the hand written notes of Sri. Skanda Narayanan. Sri Skanda Narayanan has also written down the word-to-word meaning in Tamil. Desire is like the river Vaitaranee which flows between earth and hell. Knowledge is the wish-fulfilling Kaamadhenu cow. Happiness is the garden of pleasure.

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It is "Dharma" [code of living] that separates us from animals. Without Dharma men as same as animals. It is also more important to be nice to people. According to me, that which pleases the most is the truth. People would protect each other. Being close to mother and motherland is better than heaven. There is no use perusing it. Please do the funeral arrangements for him Ravana as if he was our close relative. In comparison a fool spends his time in sleep, fights and in some form of evil passion.

It also pleads not to hand it over a fool! Likewise, the body gets its importance only when used for helping others and compassion towards others - not by applying sandal paste.

A brave soldier does not worry about dying. A person who accepts "sanyas" does not bother about family wife. A detached person does not worry about the world. King is respected in his state. While a scholar is respected world wide. When hot, it will burn you like coal and when cold it will blacken the hand frost bite.

It is not wise to start digging the well when the house is on fire. But when a king handles matter chaotically the kingdom along with the people die. The importance of waking up early and not wasting time sleeping is being explained in a theological sense.

Just like ghee is better than curds which is better than milk even though milk came first. Even the Lion has to hunt for food The prey will not enter the mouth of a sleeping lion. Similar is the case with society. Those wise men who know this stick to their role and never leave it. This was the idea with the original "chaturvarna" 4 caste system where each person did what was his role best suited in the society.

Problem came when this role was assigned to him based on birth and not ability. Great people maintain their composure both when among riches or in poverty. There is no better satisfaction when you attain inner peace. There is no disease than greed and no "Dharma" than to forgive and be merciful.

Dharma is the moral code of life. Arjuna is like a little intelligent boy who drinks the milk given by Krishna in the form of Geeta The Bhagavatgeeta. It is believed that the concise Geetha contains all the wisdon in all Upanishads. So is a Crane. A swan is known for its grace, intelligence and ability to separate milk from water good from the sinister.

External appearance may be same. But what differentiates them is that unique talent. I am the one whose guardian are the people and hence a Lokanatha. On the other hand, you are the guardian of the people and hence Lokanatha. It is very hard to find one who can speak tough truth and salty not sweet but truth. It is equally hard to find a person that listens to one too. There is honey on the tip of the tongue in the way he speaks. But there is poison in his heart in the way he thinks.

Since a snake bites occasionally while a wicked man inflicts pain at every step. Just like it is one moon that lights up the night and not the entire constellations of stars put together. Neither is it a burden. It increases when spent daily. Hence the wealth of knowledge is the best wealth of all.

He simple gives enough intellect to those he wishes to protect. Collected by.


Subhashitam – 38

He who listens to their pleasing words is not favoured by prosperity. It is the companionship of the virtuous. What is grief? It is the company of fools.


Subhashitani (सुभाषितानि)

May all these factors make your organisational-power an impressive one. The term "Arya" is used to refer to elder or respectable person in India. A person who does the things which he is supposed to do i. In short, the one who obeys dharma is Arya. Just like a disease which is in our own body does so much harm to us while the medicinal plant which grows in forest far off does so much of good to us! While fighting with others enemy we are hundred plus five.

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